Kimbra is one of the realest people on this planet!

Hey y’all! Throwing out a random post here because I just had to share the greatness that is Kimbra. If you haven’t heard her yet, this’ll be an amazing introduction. Artist Journal, seemingly a video project dedicated to looking at the process of songwriting, does such a gorgeous job filming her performance of “As You Are,” from her second album The Golden Echo (Seriously, check that out). Let me know what you think in the comments! Especially the song’s idea of a seemingly sacred place for vulnerability between lovers. Advertisements Continue reading Kimbra is one of the realest people on this planet!

What do people thank me for? (Day 3, LYL blog challenge)

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A couple of years ago I decided to create a special note in Evernote: a reminder note. I called the note ‘Mindf%@! Aversion Strategy’ (or MFAS for short). An interesting title, yes? Well, it came about as my eventual response to that ‘enjoyable’ phenomenon I can probably safely say we all go through: self-loathing. Regularly through my life I’ve had doubts, and consistently through my life they’ve stopped me from following my dreams. When I was 10, and I loved listening to and singing along to my favourite albums, I was so shy that… Continue reading What do people thank me for? (Day 3, LYL blog challenge)

Blog Challenge: Day 2

Prompt: What really makes you angry about the world? …I’m like super fuckin’ tired right now (been a long day), so I’m gonna give this one the bare minimum. Well, probably easy to tell that social injustice and the lack of–and unwillingness to–understand all factors behind these problems is, to say the least, really irksome to me. More on this another time. I’m going to bed. Continue reading Blog Challenge: Day 2

Blog Challenge: Day 1

So, I decided to start a 7-day blog challenge, courtesy of Live Your Legend. Why? ‘Cause damn, I’m shooting these posts out way too slowly. I feel like I have a lot to talk about, just getting bogged down with reviewing how well-written or eye-catching the posts are (which, between you and me, might be making them more incoherent). I want to talk about my drum playing and how I’m learning everyday to interact better with my set and with the music of others. I’m in two bands right now, and I haven’t even shared that yet! I wanna talk … Continue reading Blog Challenge: Day 1

Music I’m digging: Tricot’s AND

Hey you! Hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to share some music I’ve been digging lately. An all-girl Japanese band called Tricot. The band formed in 2010 in Kyoto, Japan, founded by Ikumi Nakajima (frontwoman, guitar), Motoko Kida (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Hiromi Sagane (bass, backing vocals). Fun to mention that the intro to the song above has a very Number Girl feel, like an echo to the opening riff in “Destruction Baby.” Tricot has been described numerous times as a math rock band coated in accessible, catchy-ass riffs and grooves along with Nakajima’s voice, which seems to forcefully … Continue reading Music I’m digging: Tricot’s AND

Wait for it…

Hi all. Sorry for the lack of new posts these last couple of weeks but I promise I’ll have something up soon. Until then, enjoy this awesome live recording of  Ella Fitzgerald and the classy-as-always Duke performing this classic groove: What I love about this recording is the straight rawness in performance. People are yelling up and down throughout the recording, having just a ball. Ella’s scatting all through the arrangement (…don’t think too hard about that, you dirty pervert), and she’s seemingly cracking up from what I assume to be Duke’s crazy ass outbursts. And everyone is just freaking into … Continue reading Wait for it…

Great googly moogly, Mike Portnoy on a Hello Kitty drum set?!

So, I’m really new to this whole blogging thing and wasn’t planning on sharing drum news or anything random, but I just HAD to do this. The always amazing Mike Portnoy, most notably the original drummer and co-founder of Dream Theater (among many other projects), makes an appearance on Loudwire…on the cutest drum set you’ll ever see: Gotta say, the fact that he’s able to play Slayer’s “Raining Blood” (right before knocking the whole set over from his pedal force) goes to show you that the kit doesn’t make the drummer…though, that kit could use some work. Continue reading Great googly moogly, Mike Portnoy on a Hello Kitty drum set?!