R.I.P. to a Beautiful Man (on Prince and how he changed my outlook on music, gender roles, and the Artiste)

I heard the news earlier today at work. The coworkers and I were getting through a heavy load of donations (we’re part of non-profit thrift store that’s partnered with a local shelter for domestic abuse victims) when someone came up from the front of the store and was like, “did you hear about Prince dying?” Everyone turned to her, stopping whatever we were doing. The manager, who’s really google-savvy, immediately went to her phone, and, sure enough though regretfully, his death had been confirmed only a few minutes ago. Of course, this became the bustle of talk for about 20 minutes. … Continue reading R.I.P. to a Beautiful Man (on Prince and how he changed my outlook on music, gender roles, and the Artiste)

rEVOLution lul (Blog Challenge)

So, uh, I think this is my last  blog challenge post. Hurrah! Had a lot of breaks in between, but I finally made it. And to top off the final one, they threw this prompt on me: What revolution will I lead? …I wasn’t aware I needed to reveal some of my radical backgrounds. But Black Panther jokes aside, what I do want to promote is a sense of inclusion when having conversations and posts on here. For instance, I made a small meme joke within a post about playing at the Konsplosion convention with Radio Phoenix (formerly Aim For … Continue reading rEVOLution lul (Blog Challenge)

What this Space is For (Blog Challenge)

A really good friend of mine–a brother, really–once told me years ago that there were two types of drummers. Cool Ones. And Total Douches. Of course, nothing’s ever that cut and dry but at the time, I kinda understood what he meant. I mean, you could go to some of these shows around town and if you talked to the drummer (or any musician) and gave them a compliment or something, it would either be a fun conversation about how they learned some new technique they used for the show or something like that or turn into an all-out ego trip. … Continue reading What this Space is For (Blog Challenge)

Elevator Pitch? (Blog Challenge)

‘Nother Blog Challenge! Yeah! On some real shit! …Sorry, I’m kinda just using using cannon fodder with words here. So, on to today’s prompt. Elvator pitch…which apparently is supposed to involve what I love and/or excited about. But seriously, is this like a real phrase? *Note: just looked it up; totally is; and totally not what I was led to believe it was, fully at least* But yeah, some projects I’m really excited about: Drumming and playing more around town Really, I gotta thank Carlie a whole bunch for getting me back into the groove (feeling like Stella). As I’ve … Continue reading Elevator Pitch? (Blog Challenge)