Yes!..uhh, welcome! If you clicked on this page tab you’re probably wondering what this blog (and me) are all about. Well…

This is a record of a journey. My own journey…through the power of drumming and the mystical power of music and its reach in every lay of the land! *cue 80s lead guitar wankery *

But seriously, I’m hoping this blog will serve to document my drumming experience, musings and the people who make it all possible and fun. Hopefully, that will also include you. I want to have fun with you…*kyun*

For me, drumming is like one of those things that just end up sticking with you throughout your life. I remember very fond memories that still resonate within:

Making beats on the kitchen table while one of my cousins spat out some shit lyrics

Marveling over the drumline in parades and eventually playing with some of those dudes once I moseyed on into high school

Hearing, for the first time, Tre Cool’s sweet ass sound on American Idiot and letting it pique my interest of the other types of music out there  (seriously, had never really heard any rock before then; if your black, you probably already understand).

Learning my first drum pattern on the kit via Beautiful Morning With You.

For the past few years now, I’ve been learning what’s what on the drum set and am having a blast. I could use plenty more practicing (I mean, I’m no Neil Peart or anything).

But that is, after all, the big point with all this: to let myself be vulnerable; to show the Internet world who I am and what progressions I’ve made at becoming a go-get-it drummer and, hopefully, just a good person. And to wish that any reader  who wants to jump on the kit does the same.

So please, pull up a chair, make yourself some iced tea (better be sweetened), and stay awhile. 🙂




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