I’m in a band called Piss Shivers (or: Piss and the Gang)

Hey again! Hope no one’s  been sleeping on me since the last post, but I just wanted to share news of my first post-Anchor Babies band: the Fayetteville awesomeness that is Piss Shivers!

Still keeping it alive

We’re just some music-loving guys who’re giving are all to the scene and giving our brand of post-power-pop punk  (cheeky) an audience.

Piss Shivers was initially a solo project of our frontman, Tyler, and he was gaining some steam with it pretty quickly. Also worth mentioning that by “solo project,” I mean this dude programmed bass and drum tracks to go alongside his live guitar playing  and singing at shows. And people, myself included, were fucking digging it! Here’s a vid of Mr Piss himself pre-full band:

After awhile, Tyler realized he wanted to play with actual people under this moniker (he drums in a few bands) and so that’s where I came in. Nearing Danny’s voyage to Cali and the hiatus of Anchor Babies, Tyler invited me to play in Piss Shivers with him

I was deeply humbled by this. I mean, I never really thought I’d be ask to join another band so quickly. A lot of people were wanting to jam with the idea of maybe forming something up

But Tyler, after seeing Anchor Babies perform a couple times, went right in and asked me! It was fucking awesome, and I loved the style of his songs. The aggressive rawness  and the multiple influences from the many different sides of punk music. That, and I had never really been in something this aggressive before. It was enticing.

My other bandmates, brothers Austin and Chance, and longtime buddies of Tyler, are also dope ass dudes to the fullest.

Playing rhythm with Chance always feels right, and it’s really nice to have that kinda connection with a bassist. Sometimes, we have those moments  where we’re just in it and we look at each other and it’s like, “yeah, we are killing it real good right now.”

And Austin, our lead guitarist, he’s just a fucking beast. I love the way he approaches music in general, whether it’s the way he harmonizes his lead withing the arrangements of Piss Shivers or working with these soundscapes and noise and the use of repetition for this trance, tribal-like state in his other projects.

So yeah, I fucking love playing with these dudes. And there’s more to come. We’ve been doing shows like crazy and we might even have some new recorded material coming up soon. But until then, check out this vid of us at Backspace.

And as always, see ya soon. Hopefully real soon. 🙂


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