Anchor babies Last LAST Show

Hey…it’s been awhile, huh. To all whom have been here before, I super freaking apologize for letting this blog sleep so long.

To all the new folk: Welcome. My name is D and this ambitious little thing of a blog is called Confessions of a Black Punk Drummer, where I write about my journey to become an all-around awesome musician within my scene. And man, it’s been quite a ride this past year.

Since late January, I’ve had the chance to jam with so many cool peeps, found a brother-in-arms in Danny with Anchor Babies, joined two other projects that just excite me to the bone, and, after much struggle, finally started to get out of my damn shell a bit. But more on that real soon. For right now, I want to talk about Danny and Anchor Babies

So Anchor Babies. I think I wrote awhile back that Danny, my friend and the dude who brought me out of the funk I was in, was moving to Cali, and that we had played our last show. Well, it turns out, he actually stayed!…then left. It was weird. And sad. Stuff involving a failed relationship and the death of a family member. I won’t go into it. My heart still aches for him.

But either way, I’m happy to say he’s presently doing really well in Cali, hanging with his fam and still making music!

I still remember the last day he was in Arkansas.

We played a little show for some friends in a house, he on his rag acoustic guitar and me on a djembe. All very spur of the moment. I think it was about an hour before his ride was coming to take him.

There’s a moment I remember super clearly; we had just finished a song (I think it might’ve been “8 minutes and 20 seconds”?) and he looked over at me, smiling with this sense of gratitude, his face kinda hidden behind that voluminous hair.  I’m sure I must’ve been smiling right back at him.

It felt like a last hurrah for us. He taught me so much in such a short span of time. And I don’t think I had ever musically connected with anyone so effortlessly as much I did with him. Dude’s like a brother to me.

But yeah, among all the shit and sadness that’s happened around in the world this year, I still gotta say, it’s been a good year. Playing with my friend was such a wonderful, deep experience and nothing can take that away. Especially not the shitty results this election.

But yeah, Forever Anchor Babies!

Ohp, and also, forgot to mention that we did an actual show before Danny legit left and it was recorded! So here’s that:


I’ll be posting again real soon, too, to talk about  one of the new bands I’m in, Piss Shivers! So stayed tuned!

And please, leave any comments if you wish. Always nice to hear the reactions of anyone reading.

‘Til next time, y’all. And please, stay safe.


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