What this Space is For (Blog Challenge)

A really good friend of mine–a brother, really–once told me years ago that there were two types of drummers. Cool Ones. And Total Douches.

Of course, nothing’s ever that cut and dry but at the time, I kinda understood what he meant. I mean, you could go to some of these shows around town and if you talked to the drummer (or any musician) and gave them a compliment or something, it would either be a fun conversation about how they learned some new technique they used for the show or something like that or turn into an all-out ego trip.

But to be perfectly honest, I hardly ever see the latter. I don’t know if it’s because Fayetteville is a tranquil college town or what but most of the musicians around here are just so fun and chill to talk with about music and their own journeys. It really is a fun, supportive community here.

And that’s what I want to create here in this little space: that same idealized community for anyone across the globe interested in drums and the DIY scene. Or, like, just fun nerdy stuff related to music too.

I wanna have that level of support here where I could make a post about, I dunno, playing at a show and totally forgetting a transition and have someone else be able to relate and have their own embarrassing story of the like to share. And from that, learn how we are better now because of those moments! All ego trips aside. I mean, when you’re killing it, it’s all good to flaunt it a bit and all but nobody likes a Narcissus-type motherfucker.

But yeah, simply put, this is a place of support, sharing, and, as I mentioned in one of my first-ever posts, acceptance.

Well, until next time, which will hopefully be in like a couple of hours, here’s a picture of my cat




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