rEVOLution lul (Blog Challenge)

So, uh, I think this is my last  blog challenge post. Hurrah! Had a lot of breaks in between, but I finally made it. And to top off the final one, they threw this prompt on me: What revolution will I lead?

…I wasn’t aware I needed to reveal some of my radical backgrounds. But Black Panther jokes aside, what I do want to promote is a sense of inclusion when having conversations and posts on here.

For instance, I made a small meme joke within a post about playing at the Konsplosion convention with Radio Phoenix (formerly Aim For Space) that was, well, a bit dark. I, uh, related our recurring stage fright during the weekend to a crackhead uncle who keeps dropping by, eating all your food. And, of course, I looked over this and thought, “am I going too far with this?”

Well probably. But I felt it was good way to bring it up.  It’s a joke that, I think, a lot of black people in America would get, and see it as a trope even and a lot of black television (the widely famous Tyrone Biggums in Chappelle’s show, Felicia from Friday, Smokey from The PJ’s, and, more tragically, Eddie Kane from The Five Heartbeats).  I even made a small follow-up about my own father who was a crack addict for years. And though I kinda wish I didn’t bring this up so haphazardly, I am glad I did it.

There are many, like me, who have had parents or family members succumb to drug addiction. I mean, the crack epidemic hit the black community hard. And my father, who has lived most of his life up North in urban areas, got the full effects of it.

But I’m totally getting off the main point. I guess what I’m trying to say is inclusion is important. I want people share what they are about here so that others can know. We all come from different backgrounds with different experiences. And all of us should feel comfortable enough to share those experiences without the risk of someone looking at you different.

But yeah, inclusion revolution ftw. Kay, gotta go. Lots of practicing and funking to be done. ‘Til next time…

Dee and Woolf


2 thoughts on “rEVOLution lul (Blog Challenge)

    1. Ha ha, right? You never hear enough rhythm section confessionals, imo!

      But yeah, thanks for the kind words, man. Nice to have someone from the AfroPunk community throw some support. 🙂


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