Elevator Pitch? (Blog Challenge)

‘Nother Blog Challenge! Yeah! On some real shit!

…Sorry, I’m kinda just using using cannon fodder with words here. So, on to today’s prompt.

Elvator pitch…which apparently is supposed to involve what I love and/or excited about. But seriously, is this like a real phrase? *Note: just looked it up; totally is; and totally not what I was led to believe it was, fully at least*

But yeah, some projects I’m really excited about:

  1. Drumming and playing more around town

Really, I gotta thank Carlie a whole bunch for getting me back into the groove (feeling like Stella). As I’ve said in some other post, if it wasn’t for her inviting me in her band, I doubt I’d have the fervor that I have right now for progressing skills.

I’m hoping that by next year I’ll have improved immensely as a drummer and Aim for Space will have played more than a couple handful of shows. 😀

2. Working on a children’s book with my girlfriend

Dudes, it’s gonna be dope! We have this great premise that we’re trying to flesh out. Has a lot to do with where we both come from regionally and emotionally. But yeah, more on that in the near future. 😀

3. Playing with my friend Danny as much as we can before he leaves for Cali

So, mentioned in the last blog challenge post that I had started The Anchor Babies with my friend Danny, who is just fuckin’ talented to the brim by the way, but that he was leaving for California soon to live with his sister and brother-in-law. Think I mentioned that, right? Well, before he leaves, we’ll have one last hurrah as AB at this house show at the end of March. It’ll be incredibly dope and hopefully will leave some great memories. But until then, we’re gonna jam our little hearts out!

4. Working on a webcomic with Chris

Secret (#notreally): AFS bassist Chris and I have had this comic story in the making for years. We were actually supposed to have it up and running at the beginning of January but life and such got in the way. Also, we’re notoriously slow at getting creative works ready. But hopefully, we’ll have that ready sometime this year…hopefully…*Chris’s voice but not actually Chris* We will

5. Working out a novel

…ya know, the usual.


Sorry, kinda already past the time limit. But hey, that was fuckin’ fun. Enjoyed that a lot! Seeing this projects in physical form really make me wanna just get ’em all  finished and all pretty like! But yeah, ’til next time:

Only YOU can prevent ME from posting bad pics of myself…jk I’m gonna keep doing this regardless

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