Doing What You Love and Shit (Blog Challenge)

So to continue on with the challenge, today’s prompt: name a thing I’m proud of.

And of course, since this is a drumming blog and all, I figured I’d talk about a show I played recently and the second band I’m in, The Anchor Babies.

The group is really just a duo comprised of my friend Danny, who I mentioned in the last blog challenge post, and myself. Actually, we met on a bus about a month before the show at Konsplosion. He hadn’t been in Fayetteville too long at that point (born and raised in Arkansas but had been in Cali  and Tulsa, OK for quite a bit before being in Fay).

We would have some fun ass talks on the bus about music and styles and found that we had some similar tastes. I remember inviting him out to my band’s practice space for some jamming, but, honestly, I didn’t really think it would happen. You know, busy lives and such.

Well, fast forward, like, 6 months later. After all the craziness at Konsplosion and not touching my drums for about 4 months out of shame, he sends me a message about jamming, and I’m thinking fearfully, “why would you wanna jam with me? I suck.” But, of course, I’m  like, “yeah, let’s play around man! I’ll see what I can do.”

And lemme tell you, that first jam was fuckin’ magical. He showed me a few of his songs he’d been working on and I was just mesmerized with what he was doing and the strumming rhythms he was pulling out. Dude was like a beast on that acoustic guitar of his, too. Like some Johnny Greenwood shit or something.

But yeah, after that jam, he invited me to play a show with him that was coming up in a couple of weeks, and, thinking of my shortcomings, I just gave a meekly maybe. But, after letting turning it over in my head,  I threw caution to the wind and decided to go for it. And man am I proud that I did. Those couple of weeks were so intense, but I had never felt so dedicated to get a batch of songs down. And man did we kick ass! The show turned out incredibly nice, sans a few minor mistakes here and there.

But the most important thing: I had fun. I was doing what I love, and I didn’t let the fear of not being good enough or ‘ready’ enough (whatever the hell that means) take over my joy for drumming my lil heart out. Yeah, I got over a lot of things that night. And fuckin’ proud of it.


We look so adorbs!

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