Appreciated (Blog Challenge Day 3…on Day, like 15?)

Kinda failed on blog challenge (if the headliner isn’t enough of a hint) but what the hell, I’m gonna finish this to the end.

So, today’s prompt: what do people thank me for.

You know, this should be pretty cut-and-dry, I feel like I should be ready to bounce off a detailed piece from this…but it’s really hard, y’all.

(also, side note: you ever see Northerners who’ve lived in the South for quite a bit using y’all randomly in statements? It’s weird).

I mean yeah, I’ve had many people close to me express how much they’ve appreciated my help, but, either because of some lack of confidence in myself or the sense of ease in being able to do those things for them–these moments of appreciation are escaping me.

Something recent, though. A new friend of mine and band mate, Danny, thanked me one drunken night for the positivity I brought to the table. I won’t say much about the whole thing since it was kind of a private matter, but he was having a rough night and hadn’t been feeling any uplifting vibes from anyone lately.

And, coming to realize it now, I’ve been thanked a lot for being the guy who’s ready to uplift the situation, to add some happier outlook to a bleak turn of events. And I hope I can do more of that in the future for my friends. Oh, but that’s it. My 20 minutes are up (yes, these are timed blog challenges) and I need to do some catching up on the next few challenges. So, until next time:

My ‘bye’ face



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