Blog Challenge: Day 1

So, I decided to start a 7-day blog challenge, courtesy of Live Your Legend. Why? ‘Cause damn, I’m shooting these posts out way too slowly. I feel like I have a lot to talk about, just getting bogged down with reviewing how well-written or eye-catching the posts are (which, between you and me, might be making them more incoherent).

I want to talk about my drum playing and how I’m learning everyday to interact better with my set and with the music of others. I’m in two bands right now, and I haven’t even shared that yet! I wanna talk more about my 2nd home, Fayetteville, AR, and how it’s thriving musically! I wanna talk about my first true home back in the AR Delta and how those flat landscapes full of crop fields and run-down houses left by time, and how the people there, my people, are full of talent and wit and a knack for overcoming troubles.

I wanna bring up my internal battles and how they are everyone’s inner conflicts. And hopefully how we all can grow from them.

This challenge is my attempt to break that cycle of  straining over every sentence and paragraph and just make a steady flow of unabashed writing. Well, wish me luck.



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