Blog Challenge: Day 2

Prompt: What really makes you angry about the world? …I’m like super fuckin’ tired right now (been a long day), so I’m gonna give this one the bare minimum. Well, probably easy to tell that social injustice and the lack of–and unwillingness to–understand all factors behind these problems is, to say the least, really irksome to me. More on this another time. I’m going to bed. Advertisements Continue reading Blog Challenge: Day 2

Blog Challenge: Day 1

So, I decided to start a 7-day blog challenge, courtesy of Live Your Legend. Why? ‘Cause damn, I’m shooting these posts out way too slowly. I feel like I have a lot to talk about, just getting bogged down with reviewing how well-written or eye-catching the posts are (which, between you and me, might be making them more incoherent). I want to talk about my drum playing and how I’m learning everyday to interact better with my set and with the music of others. I’m in two bands right now, and I haven’t even shared that yet! I wanna talk … Continue reading Blog Challenge: Day 1