TBT to that time we did an open mic and I played maracas badly

Hi ho! Hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to share some old videos of Aim For Space before the show at Konsplosion.

The first vid here was around the first time we were able to jam in place where the neighbors weren’t ready to kill us (seriously, those were some hard ass times). My boss at the time let me bring over some gear to that warehouse since it was about to close down.



The second one here was our real first performance in this quaint little bar. Funny story behind this:

Since the bar was so small, I figured I’d downsize my to give the songs a more acoustic vibe. Which, you know, sounds like a  pretty good idea and all.

My plan though: Use some maracas and a floor tom. Again, a pretty good idea, I’d say…if I could keep the tempo steady with a maraca in my head (If you checked out the vid, you know).

But yeah, fun fun times. Just us having a blast.

Well, until next time,

Stay frosty



2 thoughts on “TBT to that time we did an open mic and I played maracas badly

  1. Bonus story: That set at the quaint little pub was towards the end of the night when everyone was quaint drunk.As you know, if drunkards love anything, they love making noise, so we made a lot of it with those maracas, all throughout the sets after ours. Those maracas became a community spectacle. So, bad playing or no, there was worse as the night went on, and it was absolutely beautiful all throughout.

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