Introducing…Aim For Space!

Hey you! Hope you’re doing well in your respective frame of conscience. Me? Oh I Just wanted to show off mah bandmates:


So, uh, yeah, these are my friends. And I love them dearly. But enough of that gooey shit. I’m gonna talk about our punk/rock band Aim For Space…which will involve quite a bit of that gooey shit now that I think about it. But whatever,  it’s needed.

I’ve been playing with these guys for almost 3 years now and it’s been such a blast, but we still have a lonng way to go and a lot more to learn before we’re in the big leagues.

Our guitarist and honorary sister Carlie brought us together and if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have the determination I have now to keep honing my skills, especially not before she asked me to join (I was lazy and in a weird existential kinda thing at the time). She really has the heart for making music, too, and as I continue to watch her grow into a better musician I’m like, man, I gotta catch up! Also…SHE IS JUST SO CHARMING IN A BEAR SUIT!


Now our bassist, Chris, might not be the most charming, but damn is he cool! He’s one of the first people I met in college and, after some crazy, drunken times together, our friendship remains solid steel. I mean, we’ve touched each other’s crotch…it doesn’t get any closer than that (spoiler: it can…).

He actually started picking up the bass after one of our good friends on the original team needed to focus on other goals. And I really gotta hand it to him. He practiced his ass off and got pretty good in a short amount of time.

As for me, I am what I am. I love music, and I love playing with people. And I love feeling the rhythm. It’s a necessity. Also, I find Hello Kitty to be pretty rad.

We’re hoping that by playing together, we’ll have loads of fun, get better as musicians and composers, and, most of all, become a part of something more than ourselves.

So yeah, this is us. I’ll be making a thread of posts related to Aim For Space and our collective journey, told of course through this drummer’s perspective…I don’t know why I just referred to myself in third person…oh whatever, I’ll see y’all later.  And keep a lookout on the next AFS post.

I don’t know how mustaches work

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