Introducing…Aim For Space!

Hey you! Hope you’re doing well in your respective frame of conscience. Me? Oh I Just wanted to show off mah bandmates: So, uh, yeah, these are my friends. And I love them dearly. But enough of that gooey shit. I’m gonna talk about our punk/rock band Aim For Space…which will involve quite a bit of that gooey shit now that I think about it. But whatever,  it’s needed. I’ve been playing with these guys for almost 3 years now and it’s been such a blast, but we still have a lonng way to go and a lot more to learn … Continue reading Introducing…Aim For Space!

These are my Confessions?

Hey, what does the name of this blog, Confessions of a Black Punk Drummer make you think? Do thriving, drug-addled adventures as an awesome ass drummer in the local indie/punk scenes around America come to mind? Topped with a dark, secret past? Or a confession like, “once, I took a lot of ecstasy, ran naked around a bar, and woke up the next morning in the home of a decent cobbler?” If you’ve seen the ‘about’ page then you already know that none of this is true..although, I did run stark naked around a house after losing a game of … Continue reading These are my Confessions?